Saddletrac: Smartphone Tracking

Saddletrac is a smartphone app designed to keep riders safe and visible to family and friends.

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Saddletrac uses cutting edge technology to look after riders, showing their precise location and providing 24/7 assistance through the Emergency Response Centre.

Live location tracking

Saddletrac records the user's location, building up an automated timeline/journey of places they've visited. It also allows friends and family to keep track of the rider's whereabouts.

Photo and video uploads

The user can take photos and video - all automatically geotagged to the exact location they were taken. Messaging is also included to keep in touch with family and friends.

Safety and the ERC

Saddletrac allows the rider to set a timed alert before going out, if they do not cancel the alert, the Emergency Response Centre is automatically contacted to ensure that help is quickly summoned.

Peace of mind

Saddletrac brings peace of mind, knowing the rider's exact location and wellbeing at any given time gives the rider protection of a "Hi Vis Jacket" and the emergency services in their pocket.